4 Reasons to Sell Your Home Today

Incase y’all haven’t noticed, the last year has brought about some interesting and unprecedented times for all of us. Some good, some bad. One of the unexpected good things to happen is the CRAZY real estate market we are in right now. We are confident in saying that RIGHT NOW is the very best time to sell your home! It’s time to cash-in on one of your biggest investments, make some money and sell your home fast with our top-rated real estate team. Below you’ll find the top reasons to sell your home today. Give Laura a call when you’re ready to get started: 919-210-3541

1. Record-Setting Demand & High Prices for Homes

Home sales in North Carolina are up double digits and the average prices of a home is up with it! Homes are selling right now at record-setting prices. 95% of our listings this year have sold ABOVE list price. According to ROCKET Homes, the median home price is up by 14.5% compared to last year. That’s another $40,494 in value on a $279,477 home. And it could be even higher depending on your home! Not only is the current market bringing soaring home prices, it’s also bringing sellers incredible due diligence fees, money that goes straight to a seller even if the sell falls through. Risks are low and the reward is high, give Laura a call today 919-210-3541 to get your home listed before the current market loses steam.

2. Low Inventory of Available Listings

The high demand for both new and used homes has created a very tight supply of available listings. Which means there are more buyers than available homes. In fact, the Fayetteville area has one of the five hottest real estate markets in the entire nation with a pending sale to available listing ratio of 4.6:1. Other factors are also contributing to this low inventory. High demand and low supply for building materials has also stalled the timely building of new homes, making already built homes even more valuable and sought after. While new builds have had some delays, there’s still been plenty of listings going live on the market. But with such a high demand they aren’t lasting but just a few days on the market before they are gone. Some of our listings have even sold within hours of going live. With available listings at an all-time low, now is the best time to sell your home. Your home is going to sell fast and for top dollar.

U.S. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low. After bottoming out, the only place to go is back up!

3. Mortgage Rates are Climbing

Over the last year, mortgage rates have hit an all-time low. Making it easier for buyers to afford a home. These low mortgage rates have helped with the high demand of homes we talked about earlier. A low mortgage rate means more people are able to purchase homes, more people purchasing homes leads to less homes available for sale which results in a high demand and low inventory market that we are seeing. Once mortgage rates start to climb, as they are expected to do, the demand for home is going to drop, inventory will increase and your home isn’t going to be as sought after as it is now. While this will level out the market in a way, your home value will take a hit. So don’t wait too long, sell your home today!

4. Our Experienced Team Will Handle Everything

Regardless of any outside factors and market influences, one of the single best reasons to sell your home today is the simple fact that our experienced real estate team will handle EVERYTHING for you! It just takes one call to get started and Laura will handle the rest. Our team has over 18 years of local real estate experience with 700+ homes sold. We really take care of everything and we spare no expense to ensure your home sells. We use a professional photographer for all of our listings and our marketing team is on-call to hit the ground running to sell your home. Most of our listings sell within 4 days! Be expecting a call from us with your first offer soon after you list your home.

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