Closing Ready

Closing Ready
Video Transcription

Laura Yarbrough: Hey, you all. It’s Laura Yarbrough with RE/MAX Signature.

I’ve noticed that a bunch of people looking at houses are not educated in what the steps are when you go under contract. So, we need to have a good idea of closing costs, what it’s going to cost you when you buy your house.

What are closing costs? Those are your attorney fees, your lender fees, your home owner’s insurance, and the property taxes that are going to be probated for the year.

Now, you also need to understand home inspections. They’re very important. They’re not mandatory, but I absolutely have to have you get one. It’s mandatory by me, let’s say that.

And deposits. You need to have some money in your bank account if you’re going to be making an offer on a house because you’re going to need to put down a deposit what shows that seller that you’re serious. And once you go under contract, you’d better not buy any furniture or a new car. That needs to happen after you close on your new house.

So, if you’re ready to start looking, let’s go.

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