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Laura Yarbrough: Hey, y’all, Laura Yarbrough with RE/MAX Signature. So you’re ready to put your house on the market. What is it worth? How can you find out? Well, first thing first. Call me. I’ll come over and look at your house and determine what it’s worth.

How I do that is by looking at your square footage, your location, which is very important, your lot size, and what kind of updates and upgrades you have in your home. I’m going to compare your house to others that have sold in your neighborhood and in the surrounding areas for at least the last six months.

It’s very important that you have a realtor look at your home. You cannot find out what your home’s worth by looking online. It just has no idea. And for those that are doing for sale by owner, they’re losing out on thousands of dollars because they don’t really know what their home is worth.

My new website is Check it out and give me a call or send me a message. I’d love to come talk to you about what your home is worth. Can’t wait to make you money. Have a great day.

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